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Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club Pure circa 2006.

Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club Pure (すすめ!きたこー放送部PURE, Susume! Kitakou Housoubu Pyure, lit: Progress! North Industry Broadcast Department Pure) is a webmanga by Hidekaz Himaruya that is a retelling of his first manga Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club.

The comic focuses on a group of students in the broadcasting club at St. Modern Kitakou High School who, tired of mistreatment by the senior members of the group, splinter off to create a new club. Like in the previous version, the main character is Noto Kanazawa, though the development of his character diverges sharply from his first incarnation as he suffers a breakdown and personality changes halfway through the story, coinciding with the debut of the spinoff Barjona Bombers.

The series also inspired a series of games later referred to as the Noto-sama series, which take place in the same universe as the original Gakuen Hetalia demo.


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Series description on the Kitayume website:
The hero Noto has arrived after becoming a great celebrity in winning the junior high broadcasting tournament.

He thought that he could devote time to his love of broadcasting in senior high, but...

This broadcasting club was one that made its equipment private and didn't broadcast at all.

An incident occured where the president cut an important broadcast once, and an important meeting was stopped.

The president shifted the responsibility onto the underclassmen, which lead to them leaving the broadcasting club.

However, his passion for broadcasting has not yet cooled.

Using the old broadcasting room with four original broadcasting committee members, the new "Club (actually fans' meeting)" is launched.

The old studio is strange with its God. But with the new club activities and teacher, things are changing for Noto Kanazawa!

Do your best in broadcasting!

Incoming first year Noto Kanazawa has always dreamed about joining the St. Modern Kitakou High School broadcasting committee, but the actual experience is not at all like he hoped it would be. The club is run by a group of students who abuse their positions and force one of the first year students, Rinko Tsugaru, to do all their work. Having enough, third year Suzuka Akafuku leaves the club along with Noto and several others to start a new broadcasting club. Starting fresh in the old, haunted club room, they must rebuild the club from scratch and overcome opposition from the old club members, not to mention competition from all the nearby schools.


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The series retains most of the characters from the first version of the story, though some, like Wakasa Fukui, play a less prominent role. Notable new Kitakou students include the student council Vice President and Hinaji Kasukabe's eventual girlfriend Udonko Sanuki. Like the previous series, most students are named after a Japanese Prefecture, and some are based off of old character designs Himaruya had designed as anthromorphic representations (several of which would be recycled as minor characters in Hetalia: Axis Powers years later).

In addition to students from competing schools St. Andreas Azumi Academy and Iwase Agricultural High School, two new schools are introduced - Barjona Marine High School and Seiryou Information High School - both of which play significant roles in the spinoff series Barjona Bombers.

Evolution of the Series

Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club Pure game-related wallpaper circa 2004.
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The series was first conceived during the development of the game of the same name. Changes included changing the setting from the city of Koriyama to Yokohama, along with the school being revamped as St. Modern Kitakou High School. The uniforms also changed in style, while the color scheme shifted from blue to red. The other schools introduced at the time were revamped as well. At this point, the original comic was placed on hold.

Noto himself went through a drastic change in design and personality after the launch of Himaruya's second major webcomic and game, Barjona Bombers. Having snapped, Noto crossed over into the Barjona series to get his revenge on the cast. Crossovers of this nature became frequent, and a series of crossover games ensued, which were later ascribed the title Noto-sama.

In 2008 the Pure page was removed from the site along with the crossovers with Barjona Bombers, and though Himaruya stated that he would revamp the pages they have yet to resurface. That same year the Kitakou site was revamped, and a handful of Pure comics were listed under this section. Three advertised chapters of Pure were left unpublished.



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