Ichizen Ameya

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Ichizen Ameya
Ichizen pure.gif
Character Information
Hometown JapanFlag.png TokyoPrefectureSymbol.png Asakusa District, Taitō, Tokyo Prefecture
Age 16
Gender Male
Birthday September 9th
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 181cm (5'11)
Weight 59.6kg (131 lbs)
Blood Type A
Debut Appearances
Strip Chapter 2: Center Grill with Omelette-rice (PURE)
Game Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club PURE
Voice Actors
Japanese Teishi Takamura

Ichizen Ameya (飴屋一喜, Ameya Ichizen) is a minor character in Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club and a student at St.Andreas Azumi Academy, only existing in Kitakou Pure.


Ichizen does not appear to wear the same uniform that the other boys at Azumi do, instead wearing a bright yellow vest over his uniform shirt and slacks. He wears a brown hat with bear ears over his short, somewhat shaggy hair.

He is the second-tallest of the Azumi clique.


Ichizen is cheerful, positive, and full of energy, yet reckless and not very intelligent when it comes to studies (making it a mystery as to how he got accepted into Azumi). As he's a former athlete of the track and field, he has incredible feats of super-strength. He is the son of a Tokyo toy store owner, and is always finding something to do with his time. He also likes to draw anime and to buy model kits.

His prized possession is a teddy bear (Konchinessa Bikushoru), though this same teddy bear is a cursed one that brought misfortune and death to all that had owned it, and that can transform into a vicious monster. But even so, he finds the bear's voice to be "cute".

Ichizen has the strange verbal tic of "Ssu!".


As Ichizen does not appear in the original Kitakou series, these relationships only apply to Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club Pure.

Shijimi Shimane

Main article: Shijimi Shimane

Shijimi is the underclassman of Ichizen, and looks up to him as a "hero".

Imari Hagakure

Main article: Imari Hagakure

Ichizen has somewhat of an attraction towards Imari, though these feelings are not returned due to her longing for Matsukage.

Hiyori Akasaka

Main article: Hiyori Akasaka

Ichizen's best friend, who was raised in uptown Tokyo (as opposed to downtown Tokyo). He shows up briefly early on in Pure, but does not appear in any other comics.


  • His surname is based off of a popular street in Ueno, Tokyo.
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