Iyuta Nibutani

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Iyuta Nibutani
Iyuta early.png
Character Information
Hometown JapanFlag.png HokkaidoPrefectureSymbol.png Hakodate, Hokkaidō Prefecture
Age 16
Gender Male
Birthday July 29th
Hair Color Black/Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Height 173cm (5'8)
Weight 60.7kg (133 lbs)
Blood Type O
Debut Appearances
Strip Prologue to Chapter 4 (PURE)
Game Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club PURE
Voice Actors

Iyuta Nibutani (二風谷いゆた, Nibutani Iyuta), also known by his nickname Iyu Iyu, is a minor character that features in both Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club (Pure) and Barjona Bombers. He is a student at Seiryou Information High School.


Iyuta usually wears his Seiryou boys' uniform, consisting of a green sweater vest over his white uniform shirt, tan slacks, and another longer, darker green vest. Though the profile image does not show it, he also often wears a blue hat on his head.


Iyuta first appears in Kitakou Pure as part of the Seiryou broadcasting club. It is said that he is the only truly ordinary and decent person in the series. He is characterized as a bright, honest and serious young man with not very many unusual quirks in comparison to the others, hence his status as a rare ordinary boy.


Fujiyuki Hamamatsu

Main article: Fujiyuki Hamamatsu

As the two are often seen around each other, it is assumed by many (including Fujiyuki himself) that Iyuta bears romantic feelings for him and longs to be his boyfriend. However, it is the other Hamamatsu that he truly has feelings for.

Despite this, Fujiyuki is driven into paranoia whenever he gets flattered by Iyuta, as the crush on his sister is not common knowledge.

Chako Hamamatsu (Yunyun)

Main article: Chako Hamamatsu

Iyuta has a crush on her, though it is not returned as she has feelings for Noto (but due to her shyness, finds herself unable to act on her own crush).


  • His given name is derived from a chant in Hokkaido, the iyuta-upopo, while his surname references the district of Nibutani in Hokkaido, which is home to a multitude of people of the Ainu ethnicity.
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