List of chapters in Barjona Bombers

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This is a list of chapters present in the webcomic Barjona Bombers by Hidekaz Himaruya.

Main Storyline

Chapter 1: The Motive is a Samurai's Spirit!

Chapter 2: I May Be Serious

Chapter 3: My Memories of Sudachi and Kabosu

Chapter 4: A dog's habit

Short Story: Mystery Barjona comic

Short Story: Chairman and Nomaru comic

Chapter 5: Sprinkling the Petals of My Love

School Report Card comic

Sunki's Instruction Manual

Bonus Comics

A kind of Nomaru comic

Nomaru's backstory is delved into in a flashback.

I want to keep a pet! Part 1

Yamato looks for a pet, first in Homare and then in Sunki.

I want to keep a pet! Part 2

Yamato attempts to have Tsuko act as his pet, and then Kalom.

More jokes about Christmas

I'll do a dare now

Noto-sama 5 bonus: That person's souvenir

This comic, as suggested by the title, acts as a sequel/tie-in to the fifth Noto-sama game.

Yamato returns from New York with presents for the other boys. He first attempts to give Nomaru a pair of tomato-print boxers (stolen from Spain of Hetalia), only to wind up kicked in the crotch. Nomaru then sees that the other students have received "I Love New York" T-shirts and becomes aggravated, deciding to kick Yamato in the crotch again.

After seeing that Nomaru is upset about not getting an "I Love New York" shirt, Yamato attempts to cheer him up by telling him that he did in fact get him one too. However, Yamato pulls out a pair of "I Love New York" boxers, causing Nomaru to kick him in the crotch a third and final time.

Exhausting broadcasting club activities

Features a one-panel cameo of Japan from Hetalia.

The Reckless Fleet "Barjonanja"

Dialects, Mansae!

Mystery of the Sneaky Hair

Barjona New Years' Celebration comic 2010

This comic acts as a sequel to the 2009 Hetalia Christmas comics, which featured a minor crossover with Barjona.

The Barjona cast counts down to the new year.

Lost/Misc. Strips

Unknown title (Matsuri's debut, 2004)

This story used to be located at bb1.htm and appears to have been permanently removed.

A Barjona comic featuring the first appearance of Matsuri, as well as Erika.

Barjona Christmas story (2004)

This story used to be located at xs0.htm. It appears to be permanently gone from the site.

The Barjona students celebrate Christmas, while Erika lurks nearby.

Chapter 6

Used to be located at b600.htm. Only a few pages of this story were completed before it was scrapped.

Chapter 7

Used to be located at b700.htm. None of the pages can be located and it seems to be permanently removed.