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Welcome to Kitayume Wiki! Since it started in December 4, 2009, the project's users have created 91 articles.

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Yamato Nara (奈良大和, Nara Yamato) is a main character in the series Barjona Bombers. Though he was not a major character initially, not appearing until the 2004 Barjona Bombers game, he became popular due to teaming up with Noto in the Noto-sama games. Like the other cast members, he attends Barjona Marine High School.


Did You Know... About Kitayume Wiki
....that Yamato Nara was a later addition to the series Barjona Bombers?

....that Germany and Belarus were originally slated to appear in Noto-sama 6?

....that Nomaru Hunai and Houki Tottori are members of a band named KURD?

....that Iriyoshi Toyama is involved with the Yakuza?

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