Minato Mirai

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Minato Mirai
Character Information
Hometown JapanFlag.png KanagawaPrefectureSymbol.png Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
Age 28
Gender Male
Birthday May 7th
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 179.7cm (5'10)
Weight 59.5kg (131 lbs)
Blood Type AB
Debut Appearances
Strip Chapter 1: The motive is Samurai Spirit
Game Barjona Bombers
Voice Actors

Minato Mirai (見頼皆人, Mirai Minato) is a character in the series Barjona Bombers, working as a doctor and teacher at Barjona Marine High School.


Minato often wears a white lab coat over a blue dress shirt, black slacks, and red tie. He wears glasses, though his other most noticeable feature are his terribly thick eyebrows.


Doubling as a teacher and doctor at the school, Minato alternates between acting childish to coming off as if he were an old uncle. His personality is considered to be quite outrageous and excitable, to where he is considered a nuisance by other staff and feared as the "doctor you don't want to see". He enjoys collecting resin model kits and reading travel magazines.


Kamome Yuri (Tama)

Main article: Kamome Yuri

Minato's unlucky apprentice and student teacher at the school.


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