Minatsu Iyo

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Minatsu Iyo
Character Information
Hometown JapanFlag.png EhimePrefectureSymbol.png Ehime Prefecture
Age 16
Gender Male
Birthday July 12th
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 174cm (5'8)
Debut Appearances
Game Barjona Bombers
Voice Actors

Minatsu Iyo (伊予深夏, Iyo Minatsu), commonly referred to as Nacchan, as a character in Barjona Bombers, attending Barjona Marine High School.


Minatsu is a tall young man with somewhat darker skin than the other students. He wears glasses and has shaggy light brown hair reaching past his neck. He first appeared in concept art with pigtails and one long spiral curl of hair, though he was later depicted as wearing his hair down and with two curls. His design would change yet again, to where he had one curl that formed a heart shape at the end.

He wears the standard teal vest and slacks of the Barjona male uniform, but wears a yellow shirt and a white tie with them.


A clumsy boy from Ehime that has great super-strength but winds up in a bunch of accidents due to said physical clumsiness. He's cheerful and a moodmaker, and is never far from his digital camera. He also happens to be a major fan of the occult and anything supernatural, though he can't see any sort of spirits and can't manage to get any pictures of them.


Nishinomaru Hunai (Nomaru)

Main article: Nishinomaru Hunai

While Minatsu is a fan of horror, Nomaru loathes it and becomes frustrated whenever the subject gets brought up or when Minatsu adds in ghost stories to conversations.


  • His surname derives from a city in Ehime Prefecture.
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