Udonko Sanuki

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Udonko Sanuki
Character Information
Hometown JapanFlag.png KagawaPrefectureSymbol.png Kagawa Prefecture
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 149cm (4'11)
Debut Appearances
Strip Sanuki-san Series (PURE)
Voice Actors

Udonko Sanuki (讃岐うどん子, Sanuki Udonko, often referred to as simply Sanuki) is a character in the parallel version of Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club, entitled Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club Pure.


She is a petite girl with a flat chest, and wears her hair in a short black bob. As she only exists in the Pure series (save for a cameo in the 2008 banner of the classic Kitakou), she wears the standard girls' uniform for St. Modern Kitakou High, the red sailor dress.


A shy, wallflower-type of girl who publishes a romantic webcomic under her penname of Chimari. This webcomic is loosely based off her feelings for a boy that she has longed for. She's very into creating various doujinshi, but once became traumatized from working on them due to a man insulting her for drawing a certain pairing in her work. She's very fond of anime and manga in general, making her an otaku sort of girl as well.


Hinaji Kasukabe

Main article: Hinaji Kasukabe

Hinaji has been a fan of Chimari's work, though he had no clue that the boy written in her webcomics is meant to be him, nor that the author was actually a fellow classmate. The two were finally brought together as boyfriend and girlfriend by Miyako, which lead to Hinaji moving on from being Noto's henchman.

Miyako Owari

Main article: Miyako Owari

The two are good friends, due to their shared love over doujinshi and enjoyment of creating it. Miyako was able to help her finally get together with Hinaji, thanks to her matchmaking skills.


  • Her surname derives from the Sanuki Province of Japan, which later became Kagawa Prefecture. Her given name (though she is rarely referred to with it) derives from the Udon noodles, which were believed to have been first adopted by the Sanuki Province from the Buddhist priest Kūkai.
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